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Company Overview

Sterling Group is a privately held investment and real estate firm that acquires and manages high potential properties and companies. Sterling Group is a full service real estate company that specializes in investment, management and consultation services for a variety of private sector and institutional clients. Sterling Group’s private equity division specializes in the acquisition, management and revitalization of operating companies and start up initiatives and provides the capitalization and oversight to allow for sustainable growth and profitability.

Sterling Group takes a fresh and creative approach to investing and business building. The Sterling Group team is dedicated to creating real estate and business environments that meet the needs of the people they serve, and contribute to the community at large. Successfully achieving the balance between high performance and civic contribution has earned Sterling Group a reputation as a leader with integrity.

Company Overview

Sterling Group is a Detroit based real estate company that has been actively involved in all facets of real estate for over 25 years. Sterling Group has earned a strong reputation for creating and managing high-performance properties, frequently from assets that were underutilized. Our organization has been credited with preserving the character of a number of real estate landmarks, while increasing their usefulness, lifespan and value. These successes result from our philosophy that premium building management and superior customer service yield long term customer satisfaction and increased value.

Sterling Group operates in all real estate sectors including multi-family residential, industrial, office, parking, and specialty areas.

Sterling Group is a company well recognized for civic participation, integrity, innovation, and value creation. Sterling Group has participated in the development of some of the regions most significant projects, which include everything from historic restorations and renovations to state-of-the-art medical centers.

Company Overview

The Sterling Group team has expertise in virtually all aspects of real estate, including market research, site feasibility strategies, comprehensive due diligence investigations, engineering and environmental assessments, and the financial and legal aspects of acquisition, construction, tenant improvement, property management, and leasing.

Our team's extensive experience allows us to provide our clients with a variety of valuable consultation services including strategy, land acquisition, government relations, highest and best use analysis, market analysis, grant and predevelopment grant coordination and assistance, government and quasi-governmental incentives and project oversight. These consultation services add concrete value to our client's bottom line and serve as an effective resource and planning tool.


Over 25 years ago, Sterling Group was established as a real estate company that acquired underutilized commercial properties in the City of Detroit. Since then, much has changed, but property investment and value enhancement remains a cornerstone of our business.

Our unparalleled ability to retain and attract tenants results from our philosophy that premium building management and Sterling Group's unmatched level of customer service result in long term customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing asset value.

Whether it's a downtown tower or suburban office/high tech facility, the Sterling Group real estate portfolio offers high value opportunities for tenants and investors alike.

Property Management

The Sterling Group team is made up of multi-talented professionals with experience and expertise in all facets of real estate management. Our staff is committed to making all managed properties perform at a high level in order to provide tenants and visitors with premium working environments and ensure desired returns for investors. The team includes specialists in management, brokerage, accounting, development, tenant improvements and building security.

Our full service real estate management division is dedicated to creating appealing properties that deliver outstanding performance for tenants, investors and the community.

Development and Construction

Sterling Group's staff offers expertise in real estate development, construction, architecture, planning, estimating, and construction management and is skilled at new construction adaptive reuse/ restoration, including the unique skills required for redeveloping historic or challenged buildings. Sustainable development - building real estate that meets the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations - is the cornerstone of our development philosophy. In addition to build-to-suit expertise, Sterling Group has been credited with preserving the character of a number of urban landmarks while increasing their usefulness, lifespan, and value.

The Sterling Approach

Sterling Group invests in companies that are under-capitalized, underperforming or in need of management assistance. We invest in growth market sectors in a variety of industries including, healthcare, technology, service and entertainment, retail and more.

It is our belief that strong management is critical to building a successful company. Which is why Sterling Group management works closely with newly acquired assets to provide the necessary resources that support strategic growth.

Our operational approach, coupled with our transactional experience, allows us to intelligently support our companies, and provide a framework for their success. We position our companies to focus on the future through research and development, operational improvements, and strategic acquisitions. Our team of in-house professionals, in conjunction with management, work to position companies for sustainable growth and profitability.

The Sterling Philosophy

What separates Sterling Group from other investment firms is the totality of the organization. Our comprehensive team of professionals delivers a fresh approach with layered expertise and depth to our portfolio companies. A partnership and trust is created between Sterling Group and portfolio management teams that allows for successful growth in any market sector.

Our strength and competitive advantage is a direct result of our people and process. The Sterling Group team brings a unique combination of creativity and experience to each portfolio company. With a fresh perspective and out-of-the-box approach to business analysis, we collaborate with management teams, ultimately revealing new paths for growth.

Investment Criteria

The opportunity to increase a company's bottom line is based on leadership's ability to embrace its best assets and recognize opportunities to improve non-performing areas that limit its growth potential. To accomplish this, Sterling Group employs a list of investment criteria in order to identify acquisition prospects with the greatest opportunity for success. These criteria include:

• The ability to acquire controlling interest
• Revenues up to $200 million
• Gross Margins greater than 40%
• EBITDA positive or clear path to EBITDA profitability

We focus on "large and growing" markets and some of these include:
Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Sustainable Energy, Financial
Services, Entertainment, Government Services, Retail, and Real Estate.

Company Overview

At the core, Sterling Group is comprised of multi-talented professionals with experience and expertise in commercial real estate, business and commercial transactions. It is the Sterling Group vision and commitment, coupled with a strong emphasis on business integrity and ethics that has positioned Sterling Group as Detroit's premier real estate and private equity company.

Gary Torgow
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Yoni Torgow

Elie Torgow

Ben Wayntraub

Dov Loketch
Vice President

Bill Hosie
Director, Marketing & Communications

Eli Halpern
General Counsel

Danny Samson
Chief Development Officer

Stephen Thurmon

Image of Gary Torgow
Gary Torgow | Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Mr. Torgow currently serves as Chairman of Chemical Bancorp, which owns and operates the largest financial institution in the state of Michigan. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Beaumont Hospital Board of Trustees. Mr. Torgow has a Juris Doctor from the Wayne State University School of Law and a Doctor of Letters from Alma College.

Image of Elie Torgow

Elie Torgow | CEO
Mr Torgow directs the companies real estate acquisition and leasing division and manages all due diligence related to new acquisition activity.

Image of Dov Loketch

Dov Loketch | Vice President
Since its inception, Mr. Loketch has overseen construction, renovation and environmental matters for Sterling's real estate division. As well, Mr. Loketch serves on Sterling's new acquisitions committee. Prior to joining Sterling, Mr. Loketch was principal in a Midwest retail home furnishings chain, and served as national sales manager for an industrial equipment importer.

Image of Ben Wayntraub

Ben Wayntraub | CFO
As an active CPA for the past 12 years Ben brings a diversified range of financial expertise to this post. Mr Wayntraub is involved in all aspects of financial due diligence, operations and management of Sterling Group’s enterprises.

Image of Yoni Torgow

Yoni Torgow | Chairman
Mr. Torgow serves as a leader in new acquisitions, technology and operations. Prior to joining Sterling Group, Mr. Torgow worked at The Private Bank in Bloomfield Hills, MI and New York based Related Companies.

Image of Bill Hosie

Bill Hosie | Director of Marketing and Communications
Mr. Hosie has been directing Sterling Group marketing and communications efforts since 1999. With over 20 years experience in the marketing industry, Mr. Hosie brings a unique blend of national ad agency insight and design studio style to every marketing project.

Image of Eli Halpern

Eli Halpern | General Counsel
Since 1994, Mr. Halpern has directed Sterling Group's legal and banking relationships. Prior to joining Sterling, Mr. Halpern worked in the real estate practice of Detroit based Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker P.L.L.C. Before that he was CEO of Escrow Village Corporation in Studio City, CA and partner at the NY firm Stark, Elman, Amron, Liner & Narotsky.

Image of Danny Samson

Danny Samson | Chief Development Officer
Mr. Samson oversees the company’s leasing operations and is responsible for implementing real estate solutions that increase the company’s market share and performance. Mr. Samson has been active in the real estate industry for over 15 years and has served on the State of Michigan Real Estate Board for over 10 years.

Image of stephen thurmon.gif

Stephen Thurmon | Controller
Mr. Thurmon oversees the company’s financial reporting and accounting records, in addition to working on special projects. Stephen joins Sterling Group with over 15 years of experience in accounting and finance in the banking and real estate industries.

Company Overview

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